Sunday, October 25, 2009




That fits MOST* of my clothes in it. Didn't really believe they existed ;)
*plus the dresser and multiple storage containers...

The curtains

The curtains are a bit wrinkly. But they were exactly what I was looking for!
Grey velvet. Mmmm. The perfect amount of texture.

Refinished dresser
Oh boy, this refinishing of the bed set was a bit crazy for us to take on...but 3 months later, it is complete. And we LOVE the way they turned out. :D


LOOK! The refinished bed/ armoire!
The fancy-pants frames are going to be filled with our profiles. But they will have a graphic-designer twist to 'em.
Ohhh, you will see!

New haircut...


Notice all the bulk is around the bottom.

This hair took me at least 20 minutes to do in the mornings.

(pic taken with little free camera...)


LAYERS!!! I absolutely LOVE my new hair cut. It is so easy! I literally have to do NOTHING to it. It is loosely pulled back here...


Bathroom still life

Antique perfume bottle

Antique bowl filled with jewels

Not antique candle (from Anthropolgie)

Shower curtain

Here are our Anthropologie towel hangers

Our AWESOME baroque shower curtain...

Made out of nature stuff's

Moon Cookie

I made Halloween sugar cookies. Here was the moon variety. With cotton candy icing and pearly sprinkles.


See! Kitty corner!


It haaaas been awhile.

I am going to be trying a new thing on here. Instead of one massive post every here and there, I am going to be doing a lot of little posts. And we will see how that works.

To start, I am going to show you our new place.

Close up of our 'Kitty Corner' lights.

Living room!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It has been awhile...I mean...awhiiiiiiile. Paul and I have been crazy busy.
Doing the following:
-Moving us and allllll of our stuff back to Pittsburgh from DC
-looking for houses (many, many houses)
-finding the house of our dreams (only to find out that the loan won't go through- we are working on that)
-heading down to Savannah, GA for a week
-having 3 job interviews (me) + Paul having 2 interviews as well (we will update on those when we get some info back) ALL IN ONE WEEK'S TIME.
-Sanding and refinishing a huuuuge bed/wardrobe/dresser. Wowza...
-Hanging with friends + family
-Photographing a friends wedding
-Going to a cousins wedding
-Working on the cupcake business (and getting orders- YAY!!)
-Collapsing (not literally...but ya know...figuratively)
-Stressing out
-Crying (literally)
-Feeling better
-Looking forward to what awaits in the near future
-Maybe stressing some more.

And that's what's been going on :D haha. Seriously though, all that has happened in 3 weeks...and I am feeling the effects of all of it physically. I am drained. BUT! I start my job at IKEA this Thursday (gotta get some summer money baby's!) and I find out about my other interviews (2 for the same place) next week. Woot!

In Savannah

Libby surfing

The backyard at the 'Dream house'

Molly and Moose

Alexis and Brad's Wedding

Jason and me with candy at the reception.
They had a candy bar :) :) :)
Pretty cake

They also had a photo booth!

Flowers in shells.

Hangin with friends.

Hi Paul! (he was there too)

Typical us.

Necklace I made.
My sister had bought one similar to this awhile ago...and I liked I made my version- Purple of course!

In action.

Oh. and next Tuesday is the 28th.

...our 2 year wedding anniversary. Go us!
It feels good to be back!
(Hopefully I will keep up this month. Sorry folks!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We have been busy, trying to get ready to move, transferring jobs, finishing jobs, visiting friends, going to staff parties, house hunting from 300 miles away, and saying goodbye to this town.

"Coffee-Toffee, Twisted-Frosty-eeee!" Woot. That thing was good.

Looks like I am dancing in Dupont Circle...but really, I was falling...

Right before his final color touch-up at Fattyz Tattoo's!

Purple and.......blood......

2nd treat of the day. Whole Foods pistachio cupcake. Was yum.

Clipped up hair+Wind = Oh well.

Last day of school. I was told that I looked:
-like "that 'I Love Lucy' lady!"
-Katy Perry
-like a silent movie star
-like a star in the 40's

Cake my BAD CLASS got me. haha.

Remember those cupcakes I made for the staff party??
Well...I had Paul carry them in. He was not paying attention, and that is what happened.

I had another party on Friday that I had to bring cupcakes to.
These were the red velvet survivors I left at home on that fateful day + vanilla-vanilla cupcakes I made with only 1 egg and no white sugar.
I made up the recipe with some secret ingredients and they turned out awesome!
My cupcakes were the first (and only) dessert to be totally finished off! yay!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Origami Flowers

I love my little origami flowers, so I figured I would let you guys in on the secret to my little post it note babies!

Get 5 post-its in a pretty color.

Put a piece of tape over the sticky part
(this helps you later on...the sticky makes it pretty difficult to fold and flip and squish and pull)

see? no more sticky part.

Now. Fold your square into a triangle.

Pull the corner of the triangle into the point.

Do the same on the other side.

Now...fold one of the halves back and line up the edges up...


Repeat on the other side.

Put your finger into the part you just folded back and pop it out, and flatten it.



Repeat on both sides.

This is just a different view to show the way it is flattened out.

Now, take the corner of the flattened out part and fold it into its own pocket. It should lay flat up against the edge of the diamond shape...(you will see in a sec.)

Folded under.

See? It is flat against the diamond shape

Do that on both sides.

Now, take the outer flap and fold it over onto its mirror image part. (haha- this is tough to explain!)

got it.

Both sides.

Now, glue one of the flaps.

Roll it over to make a cone.

You can either sit there for 10 mins holding it, or do this:
Paper clip it with a small clip and let it sit while you're working on your other petals.

All 5 made.

Now, to construct:
glue up on edge and stick another petal onto it, repeat until all 5 are on.

Yay! I keep my clips on for about an hour to make sure it doesn't start falling apart. It keeps it good and strong.

You can also add outer petals in another color (as I did here)

This is a good way to get rid of a ton of post-its that are left in your strorageclosetforanoffice at the end of the year :)

Happy folding :D