Sunday, October 25, 2009




That fits MOST* of my clothes in it. Didn't really believe they existed ;)
*plus the dresser and multiple storage containers...

The curtains

The curtains are a bit wrinkly. But they were exactly what I was looking for!
Grey velvet. Mmmm. The perfect amount of texture.

Refinished dresser
Oh boy, this refinishing of the bed set was a bit crazy for us to take on...but 3 months later, it is complete. And we LOVE the way they turned out. :D


LOOK! The refinished bed/ armoire!
The fancy-pants frames are going to be filled with our profiles. But they will have a graphic-designer twist to 'em.
Ohhh, you will see!

New haircut...


Notice all the bulk is around the bottom.

This hair took me at least 20 minutes to do in the mornings.

(pic taken with little free camera...)


LAYERS!!! I absolutely LOVE my new hair cut. It is so easy! I literally have to do NOTHING to it. It is loosely pulled back here...


Bathroom still life

Antique perfume bottle

Antique bowl filled with jewels

Not antique candle (from Anthropolgie)