Saturday, February 28, 2009

Soooooo. Paul had his second tattoo appointment today (Saturday). He had made the appt. for 4 hours since it was going to be all of the coloring (and hopefully the shading). took 5 hours to do the black he did not get the shading in, but at least the hard *PAINFUL* part is done!! During the tattoo today, Paul was in quite a bit of hurt. After turning to me and mouthing, "I feel weird" (aka...almost passing out) 2 times, I figured he needed a break. I *luckily* brought some granola bars and water so he was able to get some sustenance during it. The girl tattooing him got some aleve for him to take since there was still a lot to do. She did all of the coloring in a concentrated, 5 point needle (the same one that the outlining is done in). He was pretty bloody and tore up. But the good news?? It looks sweeeeet! Welp. No more waiting, here it is!

Clearly not enjoying this session.


Laying down (after the 'feeling weird' moment)

YAY!!! This picture represents both relief AND misery.

Close shot.

All of the shading and purple will be done in the next session.

For Mandie (the shoes)

The lady at Costco wouldn't give me a sample of popcorn until I told her where I got my shoes. haha

A sneak peek at my tattoo idea.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So funny!

I love this video!! It is a little girl "reading" a picture book...reminds me of when I was younger. Enjoy!

The best!!

My favorite:


"Im her mom...noooo, shes not!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

French time!

Last week Paul and I made the BBBEST french toast. I mean, wow. I also made some french macarons. (macaron's NOT macaroons (the coconut kind)...that extra 'o' makes a totally different pastry) I don't know if it was the love in the air, since it was valentine's and everything, or those 2 treats just snuck up on us...but there was a definite Parisian theme happening.

The cute card I got Paul

This french toast involves:
-Soaking the bread in a custard that is made the night before
-half and half
need I say more??

MACARON'S! This one is an almond, vanilla cookie with whipped milk chocolate ganache.

Airy and crispy on the outside...chewy in the middle...with a creamy chocolate-y center. AH!!!

Tonight...a nice vanilla honey chamomile with a macaron.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines...part deuce


You pretty Valentines Day, you!

My gifts when I woke up-Paul worked this morning :(

Cupcake card!!

Roses from my dad! Thanks again, I love them :D

More of the roses from my dad.
All of my flowers!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Valentines day is right around the I decided to make some chocolate cake treats :D

Chocolate cake (This is an awesome low-fat chocolate cake recipe-extremely good) mixed with milk chocolate frosting and cherry preserves. Then covered in pink white chocolate.

The pearly heart ones.

The chocolate vermicelli ones.

Oh- and for the heck of it...I made a glimpse into the future with MICROSOFT paint. geesh.

Of course, the skin toned parts are going to be heavily shaded and made to look more 3-D. But it was in MS PAINT for goodness sakes. I mean, I had to use the 'Spray paint' tool for the flowers color! Deal.

Happy Valentines day fools! Oh, and I am sure there will be more pictures of cupcakes or something in the coming days.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Paul got his first tattoo today! one of the most painful spots...on his elbow bone and inner/ upper arm. His concept for the tattoo was the look of an old gun, namely the filigree etching. He sat through it like a champ, all of the tattoo-ers were shocked by his might. Since he did so well, it took half the time they had expected and we got a bunch of money back. woot! Well, enough talk, lets see it!
Nervous...Last time with his naked arm.

Riiiiight before the needle went in for the very first time.
AAAAAND, its in. There were a lot of grimaces that went down in that hour and a half...
Getting it done.
About half way- lookin' good...and a little messy!


Proud new owner of a tattoo

All shiny with A+D ointment

Well, now Paul needs to go back to get his outline filled in and shaded. It will be about another 3 hours or so to finish it...But it is well on its way! Go Lean!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dog + Cupcakes = Hilarious

Ok. This video has entered my life and will stay with me forever. I cannot explain the multiple ways I love this. But I do. I just hope you will love it as well. :D

Also, I wanted to include some pictures of Paul's new car! ...and some other things.

Sweet riiide!

Nice interior

We went to Georgetown cupcakes!

...after we got pulled over for cell phone usage (did NOT know it was illegal in DC. oops.) The cop was mean, but she ended up giving us a warning, since we are new to the area and didn't know it was illegal.

Red Velvet, lemon berry, toasted marshmallow (filled), and chocolate coconut

These were pretty good. VERRRY moist, almost too moist. And they all kind of had this honey undertone.

Well, overall, I give them a B+/ A-

Now- time for more pressing matters! Getting ready to watch 'em STILLERS win the s-bowl!