Thursday, July 24, 2008

1 yr anniversary gift :)

Paul family surprised us with a 1 year anny gift! Its so pretty. I cant wait to have our own place to put it in!!

leeloo likes

close upppp

Sunday, July 20, 2008


My Party People!! I made Sprinkles cupcakes today with a mix that Mr. Paul got me from the Beverly hills store on our recent venture to CA. They are awesome. I am including some shots of the actual store and cupcakes from LA so you can see the sweet, modern coolness. And for those who don't know, Sprinkles is a famous cupcakery with awesome design- and cupcakes too!!

Store front

Dark Chocolate, Coconut lemon, Red velvet (like the ones I made today!!), and Strawberry. Mmmm.

Here is my batter. When you cream butter, crumblize the mix, add eggies, and add a milk/ vinegar combo...this is what you get.

Then, I smile.


Mmmm. Nothing like cream cheese, butter and sugar BABY! oh, and a pinch of salt and splash of vanilla.

I was practicing my 'Sprinkles swirl' in the bowl.

Red velvet color coded toppings.

I only had 12 tops, but I had 15 cakes, so I dipped the others in fine chocolate sprinkles.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

And just for fun- a picture of a cute thing we have in the backyard.

And the most horrific, baby-carrying, furry, beast-like, tragic, disgusting, terrible, life-threatening, worst ever, thing we have in our backyard.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yo Yo Yo!!!

I just finished embellishing a dress I bought yesterday :D

Yesterday, after work, I went to target looking for a sweater or nice cardigan to add fabric flowers (aka yo- yo's) too. I could not find anything I liked to save my life..except for this navy blue, simple tee- dress. I decided it would work.

After leaving target, I headed over to Joann fabrics to pick up some fat quarters to use as the flower fabric. I found so many combinations that I LOVED but I had to pick just one :( (While i was there there was this scary man with tattoos everywhere and he turned and i saw a big Nazi flag tattooed on his 6" x 8" and i his shirt said 'SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SKINHEAD" AHH!) anyways. back to the pretty things. So i picked up this fabulous set that had a gradation from dark blue-purple to light pink.

I also picked up some sweet buttons for the centers of the flowers...

Then I got home and sewed until but butt was numb, my back spasmed and my fingers bled. (choose only one of those descriptions...)

I called it quits around midnight so I could get ready for work in the morning...I was in love.

Now the next day (after work) I sewed my sweet littles onto the dress. This was somewhat complex. I sewed things through every wrong layer you could imagine. I had flowers sewed through 6 layers. How, you may ask. I don't know, i just did.

Well here are some final shots. This took me approx. 6 hours to create. That might seem a bit lengthy- deal with it, I'm slow.

Oh! I forgot to mention- Paul brought me a cupcake from Dozens to keep me goin'

Idn't he sweet?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cali Pics 1

In- N- Out!!
Mmmm, fresh fast food. wow.

Double- double, Animal style. Paul enjoys.

Venice Beach!

THE CUTEST animal in the world.

A chinese chihuahua.
and he wanted to sell it to us for whatever we had in our wallets.

20 bucks??? Ill take it!

Cool signage at an organic grocer

Big houses in Malibu

Mandies neighborhood

the pool at her place

Paul made carmel chocolate lattes for me and the sis

I made funfetti cuppy truffles

We went for a hike. and it was hard.

But we made it to the TOP!

Check the view! pretty...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Paul and I took a trip out to Cali to visit my sister. We left early Friday morning and I had intentions to post everyday- however that was hindered by the fact that my sister didn't have her password for her wireless...Well we finally found it out today, Tuesday morning. So now I will post some pics we have taken. Real quickly here is a recap of what we have done.

Friday- went to PIT airport at 6am, got to LAX 2pm LA time. We then went to Venice beach and witnessed weirdos- AND THE CUTEST DOG! Then we went grocery shopping, made a cake for cupcake truffles!! After that we watched some TV and went to bed- like midnight here (3am in pit)

Saturday- Got up reasonably early, went to the outlet mall, got some sweet stuff from American apparel, then went for a *difficult* hike. After that we came home, had the BEST pizza ever (Gruyere, prosciutto and caramelized onion). We went to bed semi early.

Sunday- Woke up early, went to cardio barre class. almost died.

Monday- Woke up bright and early, went to the dock a half hour drive away. Got on the boat and then began the worst trip of my life. The boat ride itself was AWESOME. It was really rough waters so the boat ride was insane and so much fun. I spent the first half hour of the ride on the very front of the boat, getting soaked by the huge waves. Then I came into the cabin area and witnessed the horrors. It was filled with old people that were going whale watching...and the ride was way to rough, so they started dropping like flies. Puke was flyin' left and right. I cornered myself while my sister and Paul were on pule watch. My ears were SORE from plugging them for so long...

Anyways I will post pictures later...we are leaving for the price is I gotta go!!!!