Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leeloo is 1!

Someone had a birthday today!! Leeloo was especially cheerful this morning as she woke Paul and I up...Since we werent going to be home until much later- we decided to give leeloo her special birthday food for breakfast. She enjoyed! Happy Birthday littlest kitty :D

Leeloo's modeling shot

Watchin the birdies

This morning, sitting on the fridge

A cat's birthday cake...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

More stuff.

Here are some pictures from the times that have past. I have just been so busy teaching and not having the internet puts a damper on things. I graduate in a month and then I will have internet again! YES!
Fluffy on the trip up to give him away. We cried.
Oh, Squidword!
Paul and I on Easter
The cupcakes I made Paul before they melted into a big ol mess!
Paul blowing out his candles on the melted cupcakes :(
We made turkey meatloaf and mac and cheese with bacon on top :)
my new fossil watch- my wrist looks dumb and broken.
chubby thing.
My favorite drawing a student has gifted me with. haha.
why hello there fluffy! I hear you are loing your new home!
Have a nice day.

photogenic cupcakes

Last night I decided to make the cupcakes I have always longed to make. They are called 'Hi-hat cupcakes' due to their tallness. So anyways, they were great fun to build... kind of messy, but all in all, a success!!

Frosting their bare bums.

Squishing the meringue on top

Look at all of them :D

Its my laptops background.

Fun...and messy.

So awesome.

hungry yet?
Chocolate forest.

Mmm. that ghirardelli sets up just fine

Lets see what your made of!!

So anyways, that was a fun little cupcake. I have extras...want one?