Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chemical Warfare

So...I woke up this sunny morn, put on my new dress, and then headed to the park and then the to my local grocery store. I got some new cleaner at the store since I have been trying to get this place in ship-shape for the move next month. I decided to get a nice, all-in-one cleaner so that I can clean up the kitchen, bathroom, etc with one bottle. So, Paul and I picked out this bottle of Lysol 4-in-1 cleaner...Here is what followed...

Darn Bottle

My new dress (that I was wearing) looked sort-of like this...

but then...

I was cleaning...

got a drip of the cleaner on my brand new dress...

ignored the fact that some cleaner got on my brand new dress...
did I mention, this was my brand new dress?
Looked down a few minutes later...
noticed like, 5 large hot pink spots on my purple dress...
hung up the dress and sprayed it some more to try and make it look like I did it on purpose...

Dress now

What makes this day even more interesting (and chemically filled) is that I am also highlighting my hair and painting my nails. So, yeah, my apartment smells like a indoor high school pool, with the swim team painting their nails...weird right?

I am gonna go rinse my hair now.


A couple days ago, Paul got in touch with a good friend from high school who had moved down to VA a few years ago. Mitch and Paul wanted to hang out, and a friend of Mitch's was involved in air guitar (haha...) and it just so happened that there was the US Air Guitar Competition in D.C. on Friday. Sooooo, we set out for the 9:30 Club last night after work to catch some air guitar action and hang out with good ol' friends. We had some preconceived ideas on how an air guitar competition would be...and boy were we unprepared for the awesomeness that was about to explode in front of our very eyes...

Check out all of that "Airness!"

This was Mitch's friend on stage doin' his thang!!

This guy was a crowd fav. The host introduced him by saying he "Loved everything about him, especially his body shape!"

It was pretty funny, there was sloppy flesh going every which way. Not the most flattering of lighting :) He mooned the crowd after- it was pretty entertaining...and maybe a little disgusting

This dude on the right had a US Air Guitar tattoo...he was serious about it.

"The Shred!!!" (pictured on the right) The host introduced him as being "40,000 years old and awesome" He really was awesome, it turned out that him and another guy tied at the end and will both compete to go to Finland (where the Word Air Guitar Competition will be held)

"Mitt Umlaut" who the host kept calling "Mitt Omelet" Oops. haha

He was 80's hair band all the way!


This guys shirt had a noise level lighty thing on when it was a tie at the end, they called him on stage, turned off all of the lights in the place, and had the crowd cheer for the two finalists, to see which one lit up his shirt the most.

They still could not decide...which is why they had a final tie and they both will go now...

The crowd up on stage all air guitaring to Skynyrd- Freebird

These guys were wearing water shoes...hilarious.

Audrey with some weird fellows. (the ones with the water shoes)

Ugh. This girl's shoes made me want to kill...Sickening.

*sigh* Nice, shoes.

Crazy, weird picture of my legs.
Now, if you ever hear of a air guitar contest in your area- GO! It really, really is awesome and funny!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Made myself a grilled cheese, with rosemary bread and gouda, and roasted carrot soup for dinner. Oh, and since it's summer- a huge bowl of watermelon for dessert. I LOVE WATERMELON. Its a curse. I seriously eat too much...



And now, here is the hat my sis sent me! I saw it on her blog, and called her swiftly to ask if she would make me one :) She also sent Paul a hat, and I will post that once I grab some pics (won't be hard, since he wears it constantly...)


Side shot.

I was asked where I bought my hat at- told the fella that my sis made it. Can't say that I didn't feel cool sayin' that.
Go Mandie!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sayin' Bye

We took a trip to the city to visit all the memorials and a bakery that we wanted to go to before our big move next month. We got to see DC on memorial day weekend, which was all filled with Vietnam vets on bikes.
We also did not plan the day so well (as far as metro riding goes...) and we ended up walking about 10 miles through the city yesterday...Paul was wearing Sparies and I was wearing Converse- not terrible, but also not my first choice of walking in for that long. Anyways, the weather was pretty prime- besides an hour of it was a good time. Lets recap!

See...there they are.

Waiting for the Metro, at good ol' branch

Metro-ing it.

This is what we emerged from the Metro station into. A biker parade.
It was loud. My ears are sensitive.

Pretty flowers in the garden. I cant wait to have a big garden!

A kind fella took our picture, then commented, "It looks good...not like either one of you could take a bad picture!" He was not straight.

Walking towards the Hirsshorn Museum.

Creepy big weeble-wobbles

Chuck Close...close up.

I took this pic to show my students (we looked at Chuck Close a few weeks ago) I wanted to show them scale.

A Magritte. We also looked at this guy a couple weeks ago. This is me censoring the image.
Here is the back story: I showed a video on Magritte that I had not previewed before showing them...and it was pretty graphic- It was an interesting class of frantic fast forwarding...

A Ron Mueck hyper-real sculpture. This sucker was huge.

Pretty colors. I would hang this in my house...

A Fed-Ex art piece! (Daddy!!) I am thinking they shipped those glass boxes to see what would happen to them, and that is the outcome.

Just looked cool.

We then went and ate the picnic lunch I had packed. We got to the bench, and found this little fella peeping away on the ground next to us...

See! peeping!

that is our bread she is feeding him. We threw enough pieces of bread on the ground that they can survive for months. haha...

Oops. The bread didn't make it in...

Lets try a grape! (Also ours...)

Choking that big, mean grape down. It took him a while but he did it! Yay!

Paul, realizing, "We just fed a baby bird one of our grapes..."
He was excited that technically we had just fed a baby bird (he was not exactly giving the mom any credit)

Once I stopped shaking from the cute overload, we went to see the hope diamond!

And a pretty tiara ...I want one...

Hmm...Yeah....I mean....I guess I would accept this as a gift...


Capoeira group.
I was taking a bunch of pictures when Paul said the vibe had been ruined by the "khaki guy" (some weird guy started doing the moves and was not as good...) and as we were walking away, Paul was like, "Why didn't you take any pictures!?!?"
...........I had taken about 20 pictures. Whew. Boys sometimes...

Memorial Day concert, as viewed from the Lincoln Memorial

"Hey Abes!"

More bikes.

At Baked & Wired, this cupcake and coffee shop in Georgetown

Red velvet and strawberry.

Was not impressed. I was bummed because I had heard so many good things about B&W...the cake was too dense, frosting was TOO SWEET (wow, never thought I would say that...) and was nothing unique about it. The actual store on the other hand was really cool.
Bottom Line: Avoid Georgetown all together, go to Lavender Moon in Alexandria or Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle.

Shopping at Urban Outfitters in G-Tizzle.

Pennsylvania Ave baby!