Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So now I get it...

Now I understand why those darn gosh crystal covers are $400...THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO MAKE!

So one may think that you just grab some glue, some tiiiny crystals, and do the dang thing. Well...I would tell that person that they are WRONG and that it is not what it seems! haha...all jokes aside, this was a tedious and time consuming project I took on today. It took about 3 hours of solid work time...and about 3 of those hours were annoying. At least the end product is so SPARKLY!!!

Calm *insanity* before the storm...

Figuring things out to the best of my ability

Color pods

Here I am starting to think,
"Is this worth the hassle
...now I get the whole price thing
...gee, my fingers hurt...I am so dizzy
...'E-6000 contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer' WAIT, maybe I should open some windows
...nah, it is still 90 degrees outside
...maybe I just need something to eat..."

FINALLY finished!

Swirly wirly!

Treasure trove

My eyes are buggin' from the chemicals, ya'll!

Treating myself to some vanilla bean ice cream with cream of coconut drizzled *poured* on top with chocolate chips.

Also treating myself to the fuzz fest furry fur freak, Leeloo
I think I am going to go to bed now... I am dizzyzyzyzyyy.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding Time.

Paul and I were in Sharayah's wedding this weekend. We got in to Pittsburgh quite late on Friday, had rehearsal on Saturday (in which we got caught in traffic- which made a 20 minute trip into an hour...gr.), then did the wedding thang on Saturday.

The wedding turned out very nice and went really smoothly. The bride almost passed out...and I mean, she was fading, and I had a front row seat to it (sorry Sharayah, but you must admit, you were going...and fast!) but she held it together and made it through. The reception was really nice too- good food :D It was a really sunny, warm day and good times were had.

50 mm magic baby!

With the photographer, mapping out the next shot

Bridesmaids bow!

Gavin, Sharayah, Tessa

Me and mah' man before we waltzed down the aisle again ;)


Our spots at the table


Beautiful cake!!

Close up shot

Feeding Kyle

Married Mobile!

And that's a wrap!
Now for next weekend...Kelly's wedding!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More crafts.

My cell phone had recently celebrated its 2nd birthday, which means I got to replace it...and so I did just that- with a new pink palm centro :D It is a dark reddish pink (which makes me slightly sad since they just retired the light sparkly pink one). Anywoo, I have been looking online for a pretty case that accents the pink of the phone...annnnnd I just have not found any. This is what I did find...

-extremely tacky covers, Exhibit A

-extremely awesome, aka spending $250-450, NOPE! Exhibit B and C

So I had a situation on my hands. And whenever the world wide web fails me, I must take a good long look back at myself and figure out a way. Well! I did it! I made a plan. I ordered about 3,000 swarovski crystals (seriously...three. zero. zero. zero.) from a bead wholesale store and went to the drawing board (I also ordered 4 clear cases from ebay for 10 bucks) sweet.

Here I made a stencil of my phone and went for it. These are my 1st drafts, which I am pretty content with...

Then I took some crystals I had in my bag-o-tricks and set them down to see how they would work out.

P.S. The colors on the swirly one are going to be a little different but I had to use the markers I had in my office at work.

...Oops. Did I just admit that I designed my cell phone covers when I should have been grading drawings...*shrug* Its art, right?

Ah, and I bought some more printer ink last week and got the pics all posted. See yourself in there?

Now I just need to wait...until the rest of my crystals and my cases come in the mail. I will show you pictures when I get these babys finished :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter bit-ness!

YAY!! Getting caught up!!

Last night, I was bit by the craft bug. We went to the *NEW* Joanns up the road, and stocked up on some supplies. We were fixing the blinds (needed to hem about 3 feet off of each of the 6 curtains- yowza! talk about extra fabric), I had a picture frame project in mind, and we bought new curtain rods that I wanted to paint. So we were busy bees last night! I was feeling a little better (after going to the urgent care center at 10 pm, finding out I had bronchitis and a raging uti**...ugh...) and was actually able to go to the store! yay! Here are some pics of what we did...and also some Easter pics from today :)

** Spilled my pee all over the bathroom since the cup did not have a lid and I accidentally hit it over. I was both laughing and crying at that point...

Frames...Cheapest ones I could find, in all different finishes.


Painting in progress...

Finished and hung (We need to finish printing the pictures...but our printer ran out of ink. Did not really feel like going out to get new ink on Easter, so that's just how it looks right now. deal.)

Knobby's in progress...

Cake Wrecks!! This was actually at Safeway!! AH!! so messed up...

A. It is a rectangle

B. It's eye dye is bleeding out.

C. I just don't know what else to say...but I know the list goes on...

Our yummy Easter linner. Dill potatoes, carrot slaw, honey ham.

My Easter outfit. Kissing Leeloo byebye to go to church.

My hub, lookin' cute

Annnnnd....lookin like a "Dragon!" Don't ask.

Passion fruit

Kiwano fruit...aka. African cucumber

Insides. It did taste just like a juicy cucumber!

Ok, here is where things get weird.

This is the one pill I am taking right now. It dyes my pee red. Which a really WEIRD experience... that I wanted to share. So the best way I could come up with was to do a color sample...

My actual pee...in a well lit room. With flash. This is the literal color!!

To compare with normal pee.

Happy Easter! haha.

Paul's Tattoo: A Epilogue

Paul got his tatty finished last week! We packed a picnic, grabbed my cherry blossom cupcakes, and headed down to dupont circle. Paul's 3rd sesh took about 4 hours to complete his arm up. He got some touch ups, shading, and the color done. Paul has been getting comments on his tattoo daily now! Its crazy what some tweeks will do!! My cupcakes went over smashingly! Everyone at the tattoo parlor freaked about them, took pics, and insisted I open a bakery.
Cupcakes in the sunshine

Bloody tattoo.

Swirly purple water!

Paul and Gilda

Woot!! Alllllllllll finished!