Saturday, March 1, 2008

Amish times

This weekend Paul and I went out to my co-op's dairy farm to see whats up. It was a fun trip, best described by pictures...and sounds of massive amounts of crap and power washer hose-like pee shooting out of a 1000 lb body.

So furry. so cute. pauls favorite.

The doggie that makes sure the cows are being nice.

...a little unsure...

still unsure...

Paul goin for a spin

I fed the one week old baby!!!!!!!

Someone was thirsty
this little baby downed that bottle in like 1 minute and somehow it managed to coat my hand in about a cup of mucus. gross, but still cute.

Hey look! its a barn cat.

And a new life! only 2 weeks old.
this sweet tart was about the size of my palm.

its hand........

The drive in. not something you see everyday.
oh, and the roads sucked.

Me with the snazzy barn boots.
...they kept my feet clean and warm :D

I'm just gonna say...
I'm glad I wasn't there when it happened...

Cows! everywhere!!

This little lady licked my hand.
It felt scary.
Its tounge was like a big leeloo tounge.

amish peanut butter spread. had to get me some of that!

Get this.
graham cracker cream pie.

Cherry vanilla!? c'mon!!

Apple butter for sir paul

This is the restaurant/shoppe where all the magic happened.

Good times!!