Sunday, June 14, 2009


We have been busy, trying to get ready to move, transferring jobs, finishing jobs, visiting friends, going to staff parties, house hunting from 300 miles away, and saying goodbye to this town.

"Coffee-Toffee, Twisted-Frosty-eeee!" Woot. That thing was good.

Looks like I am dancing in Dupont Circle...but really, I was falling...

Right before his final color touch-up at Fattyz Tattoo's!

Purple and.......blood......

2nd treat of the day. Whole Foods pistachio cupcake. Was yum.

Clipped up hair+Wind = Oh well.

Last day of school. I was told that I looked:
-like "that 'I Love Lucy' lady!"
-Katy Perry
-like a silent movie star
-like a star in the 40's

Cake my BAD CLASS got me. haha.

Remember those cupcakes I made for the staff party??
Well...I had Paul carry them in. He was not paying attention, and that is what happened.

I had another party on Friday that I had to bring cupcakes to.
These were the red velvet survivors I left at home on that fateful day + vanilla-vanilla cupcakes I made with only 1 egg and no white sugar.
I made up the recipe with some secret ingredients and they turned out awesome!
My cupcakes were the first (and only) dessert to be totally finished off! yay!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Origami Flowers

I love my little origami flowers, so I figured I would let you guys in on the secret to my little post it note babies!

Get 5 post-its in a pretty color.

Put a piece of tape over the sticky part
(this helps you later on...the sticky makes it pretty difficult to fold and flip and squish and pull)

see? no more sticky part.

Now. Fold your square into a triangle.

Pull the corner of the triangle into the point.

Do the same on the other side.

Now...fold one of the halves back and line up the edges up...


Repeat on the other side.

Put your finger into the part you just folded back and pop it out, and flatten it.



Repeat on both sides.

This is just a different view to show the way it is flattened out.

Now, take the corner of the flattened out part and fold it into its own pocket. It should lay flat up against the edge of the diamond shape...(you will see in a sec.)

Folded under.

See? It is flat against the diamond shape

Do that on both sides.

Now, take the outer flap and fold it over onto its mirror image part. (haha- this is tough to explain!)

got it.

Both sides.

Now, glue one of the flaps.

Roll it over to make a cone.

You can either sit there for 10 mins holding it, or do this:
Paper clip it with a small clip and let it sit while you're working on your other petals.

All 5 made.

Now, to construct:
glue up on edge and stick another petal onto it, repeat until all 5 are on.

Yay! I keep my clips on for about an hour to make sure it doesn't start falling apart. It keeps it good and strong.

You can also add outer petals in another color (as I did here)

This is a good way to get rid of a ton of post-its that are left in your strorageclosetforanoffice at the end of the year :)

Happy folding :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Second to last day.

Today I had my kids make me a card to remember them with:

They were really cute...

and funny..."every since"


LOOOVE this one.
I suppose knowing him (and his quirks) makes this card even better!

Yay :)

He was always trying to get out of doing anything difficult, haha.


I made some origami flowers- YUMMY COLORS!!!
Good desktop background by the way...

Only ONE MORE DAY!?!?!

Came home and relaxed with the little bebe's

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The end!?

Whoa. I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year! This is my last week with the kids and I am in shock! Where did this year go?! I feel like it flew by...and then I remember all of the days where I drove home, crying* to Paul about how "I wish the year would just end alreadyyyy!" haha... Anywoo- the days are all shortened by 2 hours for the rest of this week, so classes are only an hour long (instead of 1hr 30m), and I have already given my final :) So now, it is just a waiting game...

We are moving back to Pittsburgh next weekend and both Paul and I are stressing out about having to move AGAIN. After the moving back week, we are going to be travelling down to Savannah, GA for a few days to kick back in the sun and visit with my bro, sis and dad. Yay for vacations!

*Literally crying...

Red velvet cupcakes I made for the staff party...

Side Note: I can't believe I am going to a 'Teacher Party' ...that is so weird! I still feel like I should be a student, getting freaked out that the teachers are having a party!! haha

Snacky. Apples with a white chocolate smear, cinnamon dusting and a drizzle of honey :D

Add Image My other snack: Shotzye in the sunshine.

I die.