Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paul's new playah!

Paul got a zune since he has been unable to locate his ipod...someone got sticky fingers in the gym. Anyways, on friday, paul had just left the house to go grab breakfast at the bagel shop up the road around 10:30. When he got to the bagel shop he went online to check on when the zune should be delivered (it was supposed to come on monday) and found out that they had attempted to deliver it (w/ signature) at 10:31. He had to have passed it when he drove to the bagel shop!! Well, needless to say, Paul was bummed so we had to drive to erie to pick it up that night after i got back from school.

In the end, paul got his beautiful player and was very pleased with the packaging!!

Ta- da!!

There is the box!!!


The back of it.

Sweet design dude.