Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall...and a Christmas preview!!

Its fall 'round here...and Paul and I are loving it. So we have been enjoying salted caramel hot chocolates, the sunny yet chilly weather, and the comfy fall bike rides. So here are some pictures of whats been up.

drinking a hot chocolate. Mmmm. salty and sweet- I love!

Maryland Renaissance festival. a bit goofy, but good times anyways!!

My high schools homecoming game we went to on Friday. It was fun to show Paul some of my students. haha.

Dinner before chaperoning the homecoming dance.
We went to this place called "The Crossing" it was fancy and SO GOOD!
We will definitely be going back!
Pauls prosciutto wrapped scallops with onion brulee, pomegranate sauce and wild rice. gah!

Paul is satisfied.

Chilled tirimisu. marscapone ice cream is good.
And just as I said in the title...a Christmas preview.
All I have to say is get ready for our Christmas letter- pictures will be included. haha!

Oh no!! Mrs. Clause came to visit!

AAAAND! Santa came too!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, my friends, I have made the yummiest cupcakes...IN THE WORLD!

...and its making me seriously consider opening a cupcakery- I am building up my buisness plan as we speak. so anyways. thought i would share some pictures.
Here is what im thinking. The uniforms would be 50's style dresses, if guys were working then they would wear a button down and a bow tie...and i would sell all mini cupcakes that are decorated AWESOME, in really unique flavors. And im thinking, $.50 a peice...the store would be like a modern soda jerk shop. what do ya think??
Chocolate beer cake with white chocolate-spiked frosting
these were unreal.

A sunny kitty

pretty fall flowers I couldnt resist.

CLOSSSE UP!! Arent they awesome!?

In other news, we are currently making the best french onion soup. It is a day long process. and that is fine with me because, IT IS THE MOST LOVELY weather outside!! All the windows are open and it feels and smells great in here.