Monday, October 29, 2007


I took leeloo to the vets and all the workers were in shock at what a well behaved baby she is!! It was partially due to her sickness, but when I bring 'her pillow' she is in heaven and very content. The Dr. said that he has never seen an infection so bad from the surgery she that sucked. But he felt her belly and took her temp (not fun.) and concluded that her infection is external only and has not gone internal yet. He put her on a high dose of amoxicillin and needs to see her again in 3 days, less if it does not improve. So the doc was really cool and did the appointment for free (and all others that pertain to this infection will be free too) and also did not have the ladies at the front desk charge me for a new e-collar. Yay!! So anyways, hopefully leeloo will get better so she does not have to go back again tomorrow! Until next time...

Me and Leeloo's earsie's

Trying to lick her wound.

Puss and blood (after the doc cleaned it even!)

Poor Kitty.

Today is a sad day. Leeloo is very sick.

She would not stop biting at her belly and pulling on the stitches this weekend, not to mention she was reunited with Dolly (her sister) so they played around for two days straight. This resulted in her cut becoming very red and bloody towards the bottom, where she could reach it. On Saturday night it got worse and started to pus we got up early on Sunday and went to Petsmart to get her a Elizabethan collar. We came home and put it on her (not fun--she HATES IT) and then drove back up to edinboro. She slept the drive back, which was around 1pm until 10 pm last night, got up to get a drink of water then went right back to sleep. Now this would be normal if I were talking about Shotzye, but Leeloo NEVER sleeps like this. Even the day we brought her back from getting dual surgeries she was running around, not sleeping through the we can barely wake her up :( So anyways, I called the vet and got an appointment at 1:40pm, (in like 20 mins from now) So I will put an update of what the vet says later tonight. This is so sad.

Crying because of her collar...

So starts the sleeping

Bad booboo.

And Shotzye with her new, maroon BOW collar!! YIPES :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Photo SHOOT!

Paul and I have a friend, Brandon aka Brando, from back in the day (...highschool) who just transfered up to edinboro with us. He is a photo major and does fantastic portraiture. He asked Paul and I if he could come over to our place to photograph us, we obliged. He takes photos on a film (not digital) camera and then scans the negitives into his computer, thusly creating a sweet grainy film appearance. yum. Here is a sample of what came out of our little photo shoot:

We are movie stars.

I like it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Paul and I had to get Leeloo fixed this week and it was sad :( Just dropping her off was sad to do, she was really well behaved though and kept her cool when there were three big dogs in the room with us. So I dropped her off around 7am on Wednesday and then came home, they called me about an hour later to tell me that she did have an inguinal hernia (just as I had suspected...I'm a doctor now :D) and so I gave them the go ahead to do that surgery in conjunction with her spaying. They also told me she weighs a whopping 5lbs 9 oz *gasp...* that's actually really skinny...what can I say??, she eats all she wants and she has the body of a 15 yr old boy, be jealous. So anyhoo, she then went into surgery and was out by 2pm. She had to stay overnight and that was the saddest part for Paul and me. We missed her, and so did Shotz!! Shotzye cried out for Leeloo a couple times, and had an all around sad demeanor. (i don't make this up kids, this is the real deal). This morn around 10 am we got to go pick her skinny bum up and it was super exciting! Like Christmas morning :) yeehoo!! Her belly is all shaved and spotted, plus she has a new addition, a 4in incision , but despite these obstacles, she remains hyper as always and played with Shotzye first thing...does she feel no pain?? Seriously, does she have that disorder?? I kid, I kid. Here are some picys of her darned booboo.
Leeloos belly before the surgery

Shotzye needs lovin since Leeloo is gone.

OHNO! There is her cut!

"But...but I was real scared once you left me..."

This aint gonna hold me back! (climbing in the kitchen)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Check it out!!

So. I just posted tons of new items on my etsy site!!

You should check it out...and maybe just buy something. *winky*

In the meantime, here is a picture of Shotzye and I this morning. I was pretending she was a cherub. Yes I was :)

She loved it?

I would like to think so...

And me with my first sale from etsy!! (Pre-haircut)

Now dont forget--CHECK THE ETSY :)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Latest and Greatest!

I am in print 1 this semester and have made a couple interesting prints mind you. I figured you bums may want to see some?? well if not, oh well. I made my first one you see here-- a barbie from 1965. I thought she looked sweet, so I recreated her, Kaylee style!! And then I just started an art nouveau print...its going to be a few colors too, and you BETTER believe I will be documenting that :)

The block of poured linoleum, drawn on
with sharpie, starting to be SLICED!

The first stage...just you wait and

see what she will become!!

Alright, I ain't gonna lie, this whole process confused me a bit.

Here is the poppy red layer I made

Now for the foresty forest.

Ooooo. dark, chocolate brown!! 85% cocao

...not actually, silly!!

my finished girlie! yeehoo!!

Now for the new print. carved and ready to print.

mustard anyone???

...I am pleased...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello everyone. I was just stopping by to post a few pics of my new haircut (since my sister and mom dont see me often and they wanted to see the new hairs...) Well, here they are. I hope you like it as much as I do!!




What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The battle wages on...

Well recently it seems as though my wife and I have been struck with the unfortunate luck of constant bodily harm. As you know she recently managed to preform a DIY toenail-ectomy with the help of a very heavy, very sharp, and very metal door corner. We are still in recovery. My addition to the list of pain was added on Sunday night after a long day of work and a night of more school work ahead. I decided to steep a nice cup 'o tea for myself and retire to the laptop for design work. As I was pouring the boiling hot water into the cup, the lid somehow managed to fall off the tea pot thus releasing the scolding hot steam DIRECTLY onto my unsuspecting pinky finger. I am pretty sure I threw the pot and have never been burned that bad in my whole life. The initial shock was not that painful until it truly set in and felt as if someone had cut open the skin, placed a hot pepper inside and proceeded to slap the wound for three to three and a half hours. So ya it hurt pretty bad. It has since become a lovely shade of purple and is now referred to as simply the " monster finger." Maybe for Halloween I will just ware a black, full body suit with my pinky cut out. I'm sure that is probably the scariest idea I have at the time. So here are a few pics of the pain:

The initial damage. Pretty sweet, huh?

I wasn't too happy.

The day after, looking quite monstrous.

This was tonight. It is starting to un-swell but still on the homely side.

A little side note I forgot to mention. This morning as Kaylee was jumping for joy at some cute thing the cat's did she managed to jam her index finger into the ceiling! She cracked the nail pretty good and there are still some purple nail polish marks on the ceiling. Ya know I just don't get it, did we like unknowingly offend a witch doctor or maybe we live on some kinda burial grounds. Either way this has gotta stop.

kittys and tuna

So the story goes... I was making tuna salad and decided to give the can to the kittys to lick clean. First Shotzye dominated the can until she was pleased with the amount of tuna she licked off, only then could Leeloo have her chance. Leeloo then took care of business and cleaned that thing back to the factory shine. Ohh baby, did Leeloo enjoy. So then for some unknown reason both cats took the liberty to cleanse themselves for one hour. ONE HOUR! both of them too...weird. Well I decided this was the perfect time for a photoshoot.

Leeloo says "YUM!"




O yes. O yes.


Monday, October 8, 2007


Holy SMOKES! I recieved the beads I ordered a year and a half ago (more like...6 days...) today ! Yess. They are so pretty and there are so many! I was nervous the size of the little teardrops would be too big for the bracelet I am planning on making but, NO! they are perfect!!! I am so excited to experiment, but I have to go to AC Moores first and get a pretty little bead organizer so I can stare in amazement at all the little colors first. I may be strange, but I like it that way. Now look. LOOK!

My Loot!
Still in the packaging
Layed out for all to see.
Check out the yellow and light turquoise quartz... Is your mouth watering yet??

Fiber optics and chinese crystal. MmmHmm.

Look! The sizes! THEY MATCH!!

Now, my only hope is that you found these beads as exciting as I did. Or else this post probably sounds like I am a maniac, ranting.

Who cares. I love em.

Bye Bye.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

So its been awhile...

Well Paul and I have been a bit busy lately, with school work and such. But we have taken pics to document our existence (now that we have the lovely Nikon D40). Here we go...

We had sorbet.
Ciao Bella's Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet. It made our belly's warm...

I dyed my hair.
I just felt so bad about lightening it. I felt like I was killing it.

I baked.
Paul's favorite thing I ever, ever make. Chocolate chips scones. Mmm.

I hurt myself.
Walking into the UC, I opened the door, the corner of the door ripped my toe, through the toenail and exited the side. It bled. A lot. And then I almost fainted.

The kitty's played.
Like they always do :)

Hopefully it will not be so long next time.