Saturday, August 30, 2008

a sneek peek.

Here is a little sneek peek of our place We are still working on the little details, and we will have internet and cable at our place on sunday. yessss. no more trips to starbucks to take my google reader down from the 400's. Anyways, here is a sneeky peeky.

Shotzye has made herself at home!!

Bay window/ dining area.

Bedroom shot

So we are going to ikea as soon as I finish my soy toffee nut latte. Then by tomorrow, the real pics will be up :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

New things!!

Here is a quick timeline of the way things have happened in the last week.

Monday 18th (last week)-

-Get an email about a school i visited during a job fair in March

Tuesday 19th-

-Get in touch with HR at the school district

Wednesday 20th-

-They ask me if I can come out to the school for tomorrow (they pay gas and a hotel room)

- go to work 9-530

- drive to MD

- get to hotel at midnight

-by the way, today is my BIRTHDAY...

Thursday 21st-

-first interview at 830 (meet the HR woman, she gives me directions to the school)

- Second interview (meet the principal, get interviewed by her)

-go back to the HR office- get hired


-Find an apartment

-Eat something around 5pm...finally.

-Drive back at 6pm

-Get home at 1130pm

Friday 22nd-

-work 7am-33o

-Shop for apartment stuff til 10pm

Saturday 23rd-

-pack all day

Sunday 24th-

-pack all day

Monday 25th-


Tuesday 26-

tentative. Pack the 17' UHAUL we rented for $300 + gas. ugh.

Wednesday 27th-



The nice hotel.

My high school!!

Another shot. It is only 3 years old :)

Our new apartments

Random sustenance.

So yeah, I cannot believe that this is happening...I mean a week ago I was planning on working at sweetwater center for the arts part time and possibly being a surgical tech as well. Now, I am a highschool art teacher. I will be teaching art 1 classes only-yess! annnnd I only teach for 4 1/2 hours a day...but am full time folks. yeehoo!!!!

Health insurance here i come!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Paul and I decided to go to the Pittsburgh zoo this lovely august day. There was a baby elephant born a few weeks ago, her name is Angelina, and also a walk through kangaroo exhibit. So this was exciting. Oh and we were stuck in traffic for like an hour, then I put my car in neutral to save gas and i had to switch it back to 'drive' to move from a stop...andthenIputitinreverse...Oooooops. Luckily I slammed it back to drive before backing up into the car inches behind me. ugh. freaked me out.

So anyways--ZOO PICTURES :D

2 tigers..playing. They moved so gracefully- just like wittle leeloo

Me talking about how rhino's are dinosaurs (can you spot the dino?)

Oh no! a beebee!!!!!!!!

"Wooky mom! I splashin'!" states Angelina.
More playing

Crazy huge freaking silver back. He got mad at one of his homies, and grabbed its arm and threw it to the side. He was a mean master.

Kangaroo. I was literally a foot from this marsupial. and i liked it.

On the disorienting escalators.

In a secret garden (after Jamie's surprise party)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


all i have to say:

we leash trained leeloo.

Things got rollin' with a harness...she was a bit perturbed by this for a day or so...

Posing with her lovely harness.

suprise, suprise!! Dolly is being lazy.

Leeloo exploring.

Paul cheering her on.

Shotzye flippin' her lid.

real interest.


Monday, August 4, 2008

ahhh, new things.

At 10:00pm tonight I got this urge to bake...I haven't baked in a while since I haven't been craving sweets (!?!) so I got this craving to bake. Well I decided to use the white cake mix I had bought a while back and just make exciting toppings instead of worrying about making some fancy cake too. Well, after looking through the pantry I decided to make some s'mores and some colorful vanilla cakes. Here are some pics of my midnight baking excursion...

plain vanilla for the smores, COLORS! for the fun ones

Aww. flowers with purple and teal :D

S'mores. and by the way, that frosting is SLAMMIN'!

Just some oreos that I bought for everyone a few days ago.

...i have only had 2. this is weird...

aaaaand. a hair color that is here to stay. I SWEAR PEOPLE!!

Its called chocolate caramel. this is why i buy things...