Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Savannah Vacation- Part 3

Well this post will conclude the savannah trip. Enjoy.
After lunch, we went shopping, Paul found cowboy boots...
While I took pictures.
Then Paul took pictures...


Candy Shop!!

Chocolate apples :D

Chocolate hazelnut and praline gellati

Next day, we went to Tybee annnd it was rainy :(

But we had fun anywhoo.


Big beach houses!

The beach area was built up on some military base-- old wreckage.

Ha! More gellati, this time BAKLAVA!!! omg.

Poor thing

Morris, the prince.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Savannah Vacation- Part 2

First stop in Savannah was the tea room- it was soooo awesome! I have never known tea to be this delish! I am now obsessed...

There it it from the outside (this was taken while we were still in the car searching endlessly for a parking spot- we did not get into the restaurant for another, uh...hour and a half)

On the inside.

Chilled cucumber dill soup. yum!!

Lil' opal teacup with sugar and amber crystals

Dessert :D Mini scones, chocolate cake, and an edible orchid!

Savannah Vacation- Part 1

I am going to be posting Paul and my trip to savannah in parts since there are a lot of pics we have taken. So I will post one or two or three or four...a day. Here is Part 1- our plane ride out.

Paul lookin suave on the plane.
We were told we were a "handsome couple"

My swanky new purse :) From an independent designer baby!

The massive amount of stuff in my purse.

My dad wouldnt stop texting always.

Part 2 will be later tonight i believe.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Leeloo plays and pants...

We were going through things in my room, when we came across some toys I bought Shotzye a year ago. We decided to try them out on leeloo since shot's only played with them randomly, and boy the results were amazing. Take a peek...

I dont even know what to say about this one...

Yeah, those are her feet, the rest of her body was too high to make the cut.

Just a chewy, frog face

Panting from her workout- Paul and I died when she did this!!!!

More panting :)

Graduate Baby!

Morning Brunch

Me on the big screen

Just got my diploma :D

Walking out early- I sneaked...

My Dad and I

I am so happy Im done with school- now I have to find a job...yikes!! So now we just have to unpack, since we are living at my mamas in Pittsburgh. August will be a moving month- who knows where! :D Paul is doing his internship in Pittsburgh with Robert Meyers Design and is loving it!!

Bye Bye.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its about that time...

Well, I figured it was about time to update the blog. Seeing as I graduate in 3 days (!!!!!!!) I have been a busy little beaver. School is not winding down, in fact it is winding up, and the stress is a'buildin. I have been running around like a maniac getting caught up with all of my classes and getting things ready for the other teacher to take things back over on Monday. This is complicated, people.
2nd grade- Making initial mosaics
1st grade- Thumbprint Books
On another note, paul is having a get together tomorrow night in Erie so i decided to mix up a batch of cupcakes. Cannoli cupcakes to be exact. I searched the internet and found no recipe for cannoli cream filled cupcakes, so I made one up. We will see how they do tomorrow. It is yellow cake with cannoli cream filling, ghirardelli ganache and canolli cream on top. Here are some hunger inducing photos- because trust me- that cream is RIGHT ON!!!

Sweet dreams :D