Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well. I couldn't quite wait. I had to tell this story...

My mom, Paul and I were eating some yummy coconut curry chicken, organic veggies and rice I had made when everyone had split up and gone their separate directions. I was still sitting in the den (which is now the only room with furniture to eat in...) and was looking out of the window, when I spotted a tiiiiny baby bunny. I called my mom over and we were watching it eat and hop around. All the while I was calling paul over to see this littlest creature. Just when paul reached the window to look out at its littleness, it hopped right behind a big bush in the front yard. Well, needless to say, we had to go out to see it. When we got close to it, I prepared myself for its cute glossy eyes, when my eyes met a void on its head...Nothing, no eye. So then I immediately panicked, "This baby is missing its eye!!!" just as i spoke those very words, Paul (on the other side of the bunny) yells, "the Bunny's EYE!!!" when I went over to see its other eye, (still hoping it would be a beady black cute) it was a red crusty mess........THE POOR BABY WAS BLIND! So then I could not just walk away, I called my mom out to help us and after about 20 minutes, some poop and pee (on the Bunny's part, you weirdo), and running around in the neighbors garage...haha, we captured it. I placed it in our cat carrier with a soft towel, a shallow dish of water and some organic veggies (pretty awesome timing that i made those veggies with dinner, eh!). I placed it in my closet in my room overnight, then the next day- after some research- took it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. YAY


It wouldnt turn to the camera- this is probably for the best, it wasnt a pretty sight...
Oh, yes, and it really snacked on those by the way!

Go ahead, Ill allow it, you can look at how small... can...

time to post

Well so many things have happened since the last post...but I shall just give you an update of today, the others will come shortly.

Today Paul and I went downtown to the arts festival and met up with Lauren H. and her bf Toby (he has an art stand down there). It was a good time catching up with an ol' friend and hanging out in the beautiful weather. After we got done with the arts festivities, we went back and got the car (free parking!!!) and got the GPS ready to take us to our next endeavor, Dozens Cupcakes in squirrel hill. We made it to the street it was on pretty easy and I spotted a parking spot, so I snatched it up...well stupid me, Dozens was a good mile away, extremely UP HILL (with tons of parking spots in between...)- so, eh, we got a lil workout on our way to engorge ourselves with sweet delights. Once we got to Dozens, we were quite sweaty and we decided to get 4 cupcakes, the como, mostess (vegan), east end chocolate stout, and diva delicious red velvet ($10 for 4). Upon entering the store I realized...we had not put money in the parking meter- CRAAAP! so then we booked it back to the car, doubletime, and panicked the whole way- but no worries, there was no ticket :D We decided to eat them once we got home so we could really dedicate time to enjoying the cuppys. And baby- WE DID!!!

the box

OoOoOo, so sweet!

The lineup: east end chocolate stout, mostess, red velevet, cosmo

The lineup: nothin babe.

I was thouroghly enjoying the experience


Can I do this everyday please?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oooo. Funfetti :D

Here is the funfetti version. my love...









Friday, June 6, 2008

I made something yummy.

I made cupcake pops! First I made red velvet mixed with cream cheese icing. Those were a BIIIIG hit! Pauls family loved them to death, and my mom craved them as well. I liked them too :) So then today I decided to make funfetti ones since that is my all time love. Let me first tell you that these things are hard to make. seriously difficult. I have had many issues with making them, but they are so worth it, ahh. Anyways, here are some treats for your eyes.

RED! batter
Mmm. Baked.
Cream cheese frosting :D
Make cake balls!
Shape their bum bums.
Dip 'em
Top 'em

Then you can eat them.