Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Savannah Trip

My dad opening a present he got himself!!

candy shop :)

cool night shot

there we are!

Morris crying!

eating candy at the airport

again with the candy

ALL of our tickets

My eyes reacted to the face wash. real bad.

Thats mandie. being happy about lights.

Jason, Paul, me, and Mandie all went to visit my dad in Savannah, Ga over our Christmas break. I have a bunch of pictures from Christmas break that I have yet to post, so I figured I would start with these...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Student teaching!

So as I mentioned in the prior post, I have started student teaching. I am teaching grades 7, 8, Art 1, Art 2, Art technology and Art seminar. This will happen gradually as I take on one grade/ level per week, until by the end of my 8 weeks, I will be the full-on teacher! eeek!! So tomorrow I start teaching 7th grade...this means my work load has blown up in my face. I have to write unit plans, lesson plans, daily logs, daily reflections, special needs forms, weekly evaluations, make powerpoints, handouts, make examples of their projects and do the student teaching handbook requirements (i dont know what they are yet...I havent read that thing yet, oops...). So this means SOOOO much teaching (8hrs at school)...and NO PAY. gr. Oh well, It is a good experience, it is just a crazy one too.

Oh and I got my hair cut--- Go Pauls mommy (shes my mommy too now...)!!

Paul took this while I was getting ready on my first day of class.


Woo- wee!

Side shot!

See ya :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

This took awhile...

I know, I know, it has been a LOOOONG time since Paul or I have posted but we have been busy bees! I started student teaching up here in Erie and that is soaking up a good bit of my time. Paul is going to school and working so that is also taking up a bit of his time.


Yesterday we decided to go out into Erie to get some groceries at wegmans...well around 5 minutes into the drive we realized this was probably a bad idea. we could not see the roads- the snow had completely covered the roads, and us, being the genius's we are took the little focus. To make a long story short: i shook, i cried, the car spun off the road...but we did make it, and the snow did stop enough for us to make it back home. so we survived the snow squalls yet again.

man. I hate this weather!

Me with my hat and hands that mandie knit me for christmas (before the dangerous drive)

Look at those roads! This was that point where we realized...'hmph. this was a bad idea...'

The roads were my enemy.

Hey look! leeloo came to see the snow!

These are the roads. They want us to drive on these...????